Monday, May 14, 2012

Lords of Salem Movie by Rob Zombie

The Lords of Salem is an upcoming thriller horror movie written and directed by Rob Zombie. The cast includes Dee Wallace, Sid Haig, Bily Drago, Meg Foster, Ernest Thomas, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Torsten Voges, Bruce Dern, Sheri Moon Zombie, Richard Lynch, Lisa Marie, Ken Foree, Maria Conchita Alonso, Bruce Davidson, Christopher Knight, and Michael Berryman. The story is set in contemporary Salem, where the inhabitants receive a demonic visit from a 300-year old coven of witches. The film should be released sometime before the end of 2012.

Rob Zombie who's also a singer (yep he's both horror movie director and heavy metal singer!) also created this song in parallel to the film:

The Lords of Salem - Music video

The trailer of the Lords of Salem recently premiered at Rob Zombie's latest concert... and of course a bootleg of that trailer has leaked online:

"A local DJ plays a cursed record and unwittingly unleashes a coven of 300-year old witches who were secretly imprisoned and tortured during the Salem Witch Trials."

Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem looks like a really bleak movie!

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about the Lords of Salem mvoie.


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